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Libra season begins on September 23 when the Sun moves into this sociable sign. You love meeting interesting people, creating new experiences, and sharing exciting stories. The next few weeks will be all about expanding your horizons, so this is an excellent time to connect with like-minded people.

Sagittarius Horoscope ♐ Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Dates Compatibility, Traits and Personality

Though a few shameless selfies never hurt anyone, remember that social media is more than hashtags. Under this velvety sky, focus on participating in something even larger than yourself.


Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. September Align yourself with people who get you You love to have fun.

Related Story. They need a partner who will fill their lives with adventure, or at least follow them in theirs, and there is probably nothing that can kill their spirit as much as a static routine, laundry done on weekends and reading newspaper each morning at the same time. As parents - they will usually seem perfectly connected to their playful child.

What Sagittarius needs to be happy

The problem that might arise in lives of these parents hides in their unrealistic expectations, and their need to see the world through pink goggles. As children - Sagittarius is impossible not to love. Curious and wearing a smile, this is someone always prepared to learn, grow, and laugh in all of the inappropriate situations you can imagine.

This little person will tell you all of the wrong things in the worst imaginable moments, but turn them into laughing, cute experiences for everyone in the room. They need a lot of space to build their personality, try out all sorts of things, and travel as much as they can. Once they find direction and their true calling, they will study hard, keep their focus, and make everyone around them less worried for their wellbeing and their childish character.


This is a sign that comes right after Scorpio and seems to have all the experience you can imagine when it comes to sex. This is the reason why many Sagittarius representatives have many insignificant relationships before they reach a point of actually falling in love with someone.

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In order to build real closeness, they need someone to follow them in their chases, their convictions, and their beliefs, so they start discovering trust to finally turn down the fire and open up for their partner. Once a Sagittarius feels where their direction should lead, they strive high and tend to achieve truly great things in their professional path.

If they remain lost between activities they think they should like, or simply build an image of success, their lack of satisfaction will pull them until they leave everything behind and start over.

The telltale Sagittarius traits that describe the freedom-loving, fun-having zodiac sign

This is not someone capable of sticking to a boring job, and it will be impossible to keep them in one place for too long, unless they have loads of new insights to discover and learn. Optimistic for this is someone who will always stay aware that everything has a purpose, and see a tomorrow just around the corner. Wise but only if they have learned a lot, for their experience is the school of life that nothing else can substitute, making them provoke their openness and widen their horizons day after day.

Sagittarians: Basics

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